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Certified Resident Ratings & Reviews

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Check out Certified Resident Ratings and Reviews® —
Real reviews from real people living in your community.


Certified Resident Ratings Badge flag image and Apartment Guide prospective renters can trust the certified resident badge. The first online ratings and reviews service compiled from people who actually live there.


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Certified residents are verified by the apartment community.

Certified residents take an online survey.

Apartment communities respond to assist residents.

Certified Resident Ratings and Reviews are posted on Apartment Guide and/or

Reviews will be certified by the apartment community to ensure the resident is active and that the content is not inappropriate.

Residents will be able to rate properties based on a 5-point scale.

Accurate and actionable resident feedback help apartment managers quickly resolve issues.

Unique and accurate feedback. The posted reviews will include a badge certifying that feedback is from a current resident.

More than 290,000 Can’t be Wrong.

Certified Resident Ratings and Reviews has surpassed the 298,000 mark. That’s 298,000 residents helping thousands of communities create brand loyalty, prove customer service excellence and generate more leads. Listings with Certified Resident Ratings & Reviews are:

  • Experiencing an increase of 25% in page views on the property details page
  • Unique visitor growth of 8%
  • Upturn in leads of 11%
  • 95% of communities have greater than a 3.9 star rating and communities with 4+ stars are witnessing close to a 20% bump in leads

Check out these Client Testimonials for Certified Resident Ratings and Reviews

“Apartment Guide’s Certified Resident Ratings & Reviews service has proven to be an invaluable resource in securing trusted feedback from our renters.  One of the most useful features offered by the Certified Resident Ratings & Reviews service is the ability to respond to posted reviews in real-time; as soon as feedback is live, we are able to quickly and effectively comment or problem solve as needed, which also demonstrates that we are listening and take their thoughts seriously. We also understand that more and more, trusted reviews are affecting decision making – whether in renting or any other industry – and because Apartment Guide’s service ensures that reviews are from real renters, we feel confident that what is posted can be trusted by us and by consumers who may be considering our property.”


Kate Ryan,   Curtin Property Company
Manhattan, Kansas


“It’s so easy to get started with AG’s Certified Resident Ratings & Reviews program!  I was given simple instructions to guide me through the process and all our residents had to do was click a few links and answer the survey.  Basically, the system does all of the work.  Through this service, we’ve not only improved our lines of communication between our residents and office staff, but we have the opportunity to identify areas of improvement through feedback from real residents and not disgruntled, previous tenants.  I highly recommend this service as it gives us the ability to get info from residents in an easy format.  Plus, it’s an added benefit when positive comments and experiences come across our desk that uplift and motivate us.” 


Amber Taylor, Maple Brook Apartments
Louisville, KY


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